MFC has given my child the ability to
think independently and become self-motivated.
— James F. (Parent)

Montessori foundations of chicago

  1. MFC implements Montessori principles and curriculum with fidelity

  2. MFC inspires in its students the joyful discovery of self, a passion for learning and independent thinking

  3. MFC teachers are Montessori trained in addition to holding traditional education degrees

  4. MFC’s warm and supportive community will make you feel at home

  5. MFC creates meaningful partnerships with parents through workshops, conferences and social events

  6. MFC supports socio-economic, racial and cultural diversity

  7. MFC engages and serves its community

  8. MFC is affordable

  9. MFC offers full day, year-round programming for children 6 weeks to 12 years

  10. Our beautiful and purpose-built school was designed with children and Montessori in mind